Reflection about CALL class-6/23

10247018 Eric 李金世鑫
四技應外二甲  2015/6/16

   Since this semester started, I have been learning CALL class for about 4 months. Before taking this class, I seldom use software that can help us learn English through computer. However, during this class, I do learn many things that can really help us solve problems that are relative to English or even can enhance our speaking or listening skills. For example, we learn English as a second-language learner; we always look up vocabularies in dictionaries which only have Chinese interpretations but in this class, we know many foreign websites that can provide us with English interpretations like oxford dictionary and this makes me change the way that I use dictionary. I can understand meanings of vocabularies more clearly when I use these dictionary websites and can apply more suitable because they also provide example sentences of vocabularies. Furthermore, programs like My ET are also very useful. After I know this program, I use it to practice my English pronunciation and intonation. It always works very well because it will point out the flaws when you speak English and it will tell you how to improve. Now, whenever I have free time, I will use My ET to enhance my English.
    To be honest, before taking CALL class, I didn’t know that there were so much more useful websites or programs, even though when somebody told me, I still thought it would be very difficult to operate them. But I was totally wrong; it’s definitely worthy for you to take a good use in these websites.
   I do change many English learning behaviors for example, before taking this class, I always searched for information in the Internet search engine when I was asked for writing essay but this way was really slow and sometime I couldn’t even find any information or ideals. However, I know that I don’t need to do this because I have already known many websites that can give me ideals when I needed, such as candle. Candle is a website that you just need to key in the keywords and it will show you things or articles that are familiar. It can save many time and also very useful. Furthermore, do you know google syntax? When you are searching something in google, you can use some particular symbols to find the information that is only relative to what you need. It is very helpful and can shorten the time it takes.

    I am really glad that I choose this class because as an English learner, these things will help me in my whole life. I will also recommend this class and websites to my friend and hope them can find it useful just like I feel.         

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