#2 Assignment - Dictionary Exercise 3/17

1.reinforces - to make a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger
e.g. The experience reinforced my sense of loss.

2.swap - to give something to someone and receive something in exchange
e.g.  I'm finished with this magazine. Can I swap with you?

3.disruption - to make it difficult for something to continue in the normal way
e.g. Demonstrators succeeded in disrupting the meeting.

4. worthlessness - having no practical or financial value
e.g.  Critics say his paintings are worthless.

5. correspondingly - matching or connected with something that you have just mentioned
e.g. A change in the money supply brings a corresponding change in expenditure.


I think these websites are very useful. They provide us not only English meanings of words but many samples that are closed to our life. Next time, if I  write an essay, I will definitely take a good use of those webs!

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  1. 1. So far, which is your favorite, Eric?
    2. It's always good to mark part of speech when we look up words in the dictionary.