#5 Story about Dead 5/10

When I was young, my father always took us to swim in the river. I was good at swimming but one day when I was swimming in the river, I suddenly go into spasm. I was scares and I kept struggling. I was afraid that no one would find me so I screamed in my best. Fortunately, my father saw that I was in dangerous, and he pulled me up. I was terrified  and can't not stop shaking.
After this bad experience, I know that I should stretch before I go swimming.
Sometime, I dream about this, I hope that I will never experience this bad event.

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  1. That was really a nightmare, but hopefully you will overcome this. Great to hear you learned something from this incident. Life is really too short to be wild and free. So cherish every moment with your family, even just a simple greeting would really mean a lot for them or maybe for you! Take care always!