#6 What does the future look like? (from TED)-5/14


What does the future look like?  by Juan Enriquez

I think no one can answer this question because every day is changing everyday. In this speech, the speaker introduced many inventions and researches that has been tested and created for many years. Some them are not finished yet, and no one can precisely predict the results.
There are more and more things and people come to this world and we can just imagine the future of world. I think this topic is worthy watching because we all will face the future of our world and most of us are curios about what will we and the world look like in the future.
Hope we can have a bright future!

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  1. Indeed, Eric! We all face different challenges, obstacles in life every single day. Have you stopped for awhile and thought of your future somehow? How was your feeling? :) As long as we have faith and hope, our future is there waiting for us, right? :)